Just down the street on the corner of Liberty and Grand Avenue a gentlemen named Mr. Delker was building a grocery store (circa 1870). Six years later in 1876 Mr. Delker built this house for his family. The Delkers lived here from 1876 to 1899, then sold it to Captain George Bell.


Captain Bell was one of more than 50 Great Lakes ship captains who lived in Vermilion, a ship building town from the 1830’s to the 1880’s. The Chez Francois restaurant on Main Street is in the original sail loft of 1840. Captain Bell lived in this house until his death in 1925. 


The home has served many purposes over the years from nursing home to apartments. In 2011 Phil decided to buy the building and restore it to its former glory! It took two years, a lot of materials and certainly a lot of patience but this home and all its original features like the curving staircase, exterior corbels, float-glass windows and curved pocket door can truly be appreciated. We can't wait to show you all the little details of this beautiful home. 



Some of us are early birds and some of us like to sleep in, sometimes til noon! That's okay because we give you vouchers to Granny Joe's just two blocks down the street for breakfast. Have whatever you would like whenever you would like! Afterwards you can walk down to the beach, hit the shops downtown or come back and watch a morning episode of Andy Griffith, it's a classic after all.  

Cruiser Bikes

Want to go for a spin around town? Ask to borrow one of our cruiser bikes! It's fun, it's healthy and lets be honest, it makes a great selfie. 


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41 miles to The Flats in downtown Cleveland

22 miles to Cedar Point

10 miles to Quarry Hill Orchards

1 mile to Sherod Park

Only a few blocks to Chez Francois and the beach!

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